Glacier National Park, Cinematography Edit

Montana nourishes the mind and soul through every fresh breath of air. Montana takes fear and excites it, takes pressure and releases it, takes the senses and invigorates them, takes beautify and glorifies her. The mountains stand heroically, the forests breath pureness, the wildflowers wave rich colorfulness, the wildlife curiously explore a paradise tucked away behind the mountains. The spring water rinses away worry and pain and shocks an exhilerating mindfulness. Montana will clean the fogginess from you eyes and restore a crisp hearing in the ears. There is a special sentiment shared by Montana that allows you to appreciate life’s value and extraoridnary phenomena. Until one experiences Montana will they truly understand it’s power.

Montana holds a very special place in my heart. It’s the place I call home.

Please enjoy this cinematic video I created. I challenged myself to capture why I love Montana and provide hints at what makes it so beautiful.

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