Jeff Hyer

Obsessive creator with a passion for videography, photography, digital branding, and documenting the world. Eager to work with products, companies, and brands hoping to develop a professional online image and interface. Focused primarily on creating inspirational content related to international travel and tourism.

Creative collaborator. Travel companies, dentists, therapists, dancers, artists, shows, events, weddings, hospitals, school boards, fitness facilities, tour guides—you name it, I can make it. Passionate and driven to create online media, promotional videos, and web-based content. Hardly ever seen without a camera in hand. Piano player, writer, peak bagger, conservationist, student, and international traveller.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of clients on numerous video projects. Dentists, realtors, artists, actors, musicians, entrepreneurs, dancers, tour guides, scientists, brides, grooms, and small business owners are just some of the professionals I’ve collaborated with in the last seven years. Aside from creating promotional content, I’ve enjoyed directing, producing, and writing several short films while a media/film student at the University of Montana.

The first item I pack on any trip would most definitely be my camera. As an avid traveller, I’ve had the opportunity to capture some incredible moments from around the world. From shooting wildlife in South Africa, to capturing magic in the city of Rome, I would not have been able to take these photos without an eagerness to explore and a curiosity for experiences.

As a native Montanan, I’ve been blessed to live in an area that has an abundant wilderness. This curiosity for the vast outdoors likely fueled my passion for exploration. Today, I’m a keen summit climber and love chasing views at the top of Glacier National Park’s most epic peaks.

If you know me, you know I’ve always had an obsession for wildlife, zoos, and conservation. At age 9, I crafted a zoo replica that spread across my family’s entire living room floor. Using animal figurines and anything else I could find, I created miniature model zoos that continued to grow and renovate for five years. This passion struck the attention of TV animal personality Jungle Jack Hanna, who recruited me to host a kid’s internet radio show all about wildlife education.

Lasting for ten years, Jungle Jack’s Zooniacs took me around the country to interview professionals, go behind the scenes at zoos and aquariums, and visit countless animal sanctuaries. Since then, my passion for conservation has matured to an international level, and has taken me to places like South Africa where I was a research volunteer on a private game reserve for two months. As my passion continues to grow, I aim to further involve myself in media production related to conservation.



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