Big Sky Fragrance- Abbott NYC

fullsizeoutput_1a7fAbbotts Thumbnail

Introducing Big Sky, a unisex scent that is clean and crisp with notes of dried grass and cool aquatic accords.  It captures the essence of Montana’s beautiful big sky country into a scent that can be worn for any occasion. Big Sky is perfect to wear year round and is contained in a travel-sized bottle ready to be taken anywhere.

I personally love this fragrance because it not only elevates your class with one spray, but it’s inspired by my home state of Montana. I love brands that carry a greater meaning than traditional products on the market which is why I agreed to collaborate with Abbott NYC. This fragrance company produces scents inspired by natural destinations that help balance life in the city with outdoor escapes. Their products are non-toxic and cruelty free. Portion of the proceeds of sales of Big Sky go to the Montana Wilderness Association.

This perfectly sized bottled in ready to take everywhere and anywhere. The Big Sky fragrance is the perfect gift for somebody you know who shares a similar love of Montana. To explore more products by Abbott NYC, click here.


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