The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

What the Blue Lagoon is Really Like

It’s every traveller’s dream to take a dip into Iceland’s iconic Blue Lagoon. From the warm pools, the massaging waterfalls, the silky skin treatment, and the steaming saunas, this geothermal luxury spa is perhaps the most relaxing place you’ll ever visit. It is most certainly a MUST when visiting Iceland. You’ve probably seen tons of advertisements and travel photos that paint a perfect picture of this destination, but what is the Blue Lagoon really like? 

If you are planning to visit the Blue Lagoon than you should read this post. It will better prepare you so you know exactly what to expect. There are a few things to note before going to this incredible place so that you don’t get caught off guard or risk not being able to go at all! 

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First off, The Blue Lagoon is not in Reykjavik.  It is about a 45-60 minute drive from downtown Reykjavik. It is located closer to the town of Keflavik, where the island’s primary international airport is location. Because it’s so close to the airport, this is a popular place people visit as soon as they arrive or depart from their Iceland adventures. I recommend going at the very end of your trip. Our group made it our last stop before the airport and we don’t regret this decision at all. It was a great way to unwind after a week of jammed-packed activities.

You need a reservation. You can’t just show up and purchase an entry ticket upon arrival. It is required to have a reservation booked in advanced. How well in advance you might ask? We booked ours a month in advance to guarantee us an exact time we wanted to go. A week in advance might still have availability for a day you want but maybe not the time of day you’re hoping for. Online, you simply reserve your time slot during your online purchase. If you happen to be a little late or early to your reservation that is totally acceptable. This block schedule system is designed so that it doesn’t get overcrowded at any given time. If you want to make a reservation then click here

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It has gone up in price. The Blue Lagoon wasn’t always as popular as it is now. Ever since a few marketing geniuses decided to make a luxury spa out of geothermal-plant runoff, the attendance here has skyrocketed. It is also expanding and a new Blue Lagoon Spa Resort has opened as part of the complex. The current standard-entry price ranges from $85-$95 USD depending on which hour of the day you choose to arrive. It may seem like a lot, but you will end up spending most of your day if not the entire day enjoying this site.

Wait, you have to get naked? If you know someone who has been here before or read other blogs about the Blue Lagoon you might have heard about this surprise. You do in fact have to take a shower before entering the pool without anything on, including a swimsuit. I went very recently and found that nobody truly enforced this quite as much as you might have read elsewhere. I made several trips to and from my locker and back to the pools and still nobody ‘forced’ me to re-shower before entry. I’m not sure if this was just my experience or a new lax policy.

Either way, there are several private shower stalls and changing rooms for the bashful type. It’s not some giant gym locker room where everyone shares showers together. There are a lot of private spaces and changing rooms. 

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You can bring all of your stuff. Don’t worry about taking a ton of stuff inside the complex, you don’t have to lug it around with you by the pools. When you arrive, the front desk workers will assist you very concisely on how the spa works and how you can get your included locker. You will be given a wristband that can be used as your locker lock. You simply put your items into any sized locker, shut it, put your wrist band up to the lock, it locks, and then return later and tap your wristband to unlock. As simple as that. If you have luggage in your car you want to secure, there is a luggage storage building next to the parking lot that will lock it for you. 

Which package should I buy? You can make this experience as luxurious as you want. The smallest package is ‘comfort’ which is everything we needed. It included a towel, a locker, one free drink at the bar, a free face mask, and of course entry to the amazing geothermal pools. Packages above that include unnecessary bath robes, more drinks, slippers, private saunas etc. Comfort costed us each about $90 USD (the price has gone up significantly since their recent expansion) but trust me, it is still worth it. 

How much time should I spend here? Most people spend about 3-4 hours here. There is no rush to leave once you’ve arrived. To get the most of our money and experience, we spent about 6 hours here before we dragged ourselves out to leave. This could very well be something you do for an entire day in Iceland, depending on what kind of experience you want to have. Time will definitely slip away from you while you relax in the pools! It is hard to have a sense of time in Iceland during the summer because it is always light out. In order to keep track of time, there is a giant clock overlooking the lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon is bad for you hair. I know what you’re thinking, if it’s bad for your hair, then why are there so many photos with our hair soaked in the water? It’s not life or death if you get your hair wet but it isn’t recommended. The minerals dry out your hair and you might feel the stiffening effects from it for at least a week after leaving the site. Definitely condition your hair before leaving anyway. Additionally, you do not want to get this mineral water into your contacts if you wear those—it stings! 

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Free face masks! Yes, you get free face masks to cover your entire body with and wash off into the pools. It is located right next to the main pool and it will make your skin feel flawless. 

How deep is it? These pools are designed for relaxed bathing, not lap swimming and rigorous diving. The pools range in depth but are always very shallow. The deepest point is only 1.4 meters deep.

You have nothing to worry about. If there’s something you’re concerned about, trust me, it’s a concern the Blue Lagoon has dealt with before. If you don’t want to bring your wallet in for the bar, not to worry, the bar will charge your wristband and linked credit card from when you made the reservation. If you’ve been there for several hours, don’t worry about a time you are forced to leave because you can leave whenever you want. Don’t want to leave your luggage in your car? Don’t worry it can be locked up for you.

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The Blue Lagoon was definitely a highlight and top bucket list destination. You must visit this place during your Iceland trip. I hope this post cleared up any concerns or questions you might have about the Blue Lagoon. If you want to read more about my Iceland trip (tips, guide, itinerary, gallery, etc.) then explore more of my blog posts on this site. 

Check out my Iceland travel video from this trip:

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