Turtle Reef at Akumal

I’ve heard from several people that swimming with sea turtles can be spiritually enlightening. It has been something I’ve always wanted to experience. Being so close to one of the most densely population turtle reefs in the world, it was inevitable that I go for an afternoon dive. Immediately after diving into the waters I was surrounded by green sea turtles, sting rays, and eels. This experience was by far one of the highlights from my trip to the Yucatan Peninsula.


Coral reefs are endangered by increasing global ocean temperatures. This causes the effect of coral ‘bleaching’ which basically erodes the beautiful colors from the reefs. Through this excursion, our group was able to see both healthy and dying reefs. Precautions include permits into the national park, wearing biodegradable sunscreen while in the water, and not touching any coral or wildlife.


If there was a single thing I would do again from my trip to Mexico, it would definitely be to swim in the crystal clear Caribbean with turtles.


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