Tulum Ruinas Mayas

Tulum is as one of the most picturesque destinations in all of Mexico, known for its archaeological ruins that overlook the turquoise Caribbean Sea. On the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, hundreds of Mayan ruins scatter across the lands. Tulum, however, is one of the most popular archaeological sights because of its location, cliff topography, and view of Akumal Beach.


Tulum was one the last pre-Columbian Mayan cities, and the city served as a major port of the city of Coba. The wall still stands to protect the ruins.

Tulum, Quintana Roo


Old world diseases brought by Spanish settlers disrupted the Mayan society and nearly wiped out all 1600 inhabitants of Tulum. The city was there on abandoned.



The neighboring beach to Tulum is Akumal, one of the most renown beautiful beaches in the world. Just off the coast is a coral reef and a natural feeding ground for green sea turtles. The main structures of Tulum can be seen on the cliffs while sitting in the white-powered sand.


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