Lake Naivasha, Kenya

Naivasha is one of the most spectacular regions of Kenya. Boating along the coast, it’s impossible NOT to spot hundreds of zebras, wildebeest, gazelles, and giraffes. Even closer, though, are the hippopotamus pods that feed on the lush aqua vegetation in the lake. Neighboring Lake Naivasha is Lake Elementatia, where the salt of Naivasha collects and provides an abundance of food for salt water birds such as flamingos.

African Eagle


Always in our company


Naivasha is beautiful, but aside from its African charm there are underlying problems that strike the region. Farming, the Kenyan government, the invasion of non-indigenous  species, tourism, poaching, erosion, and pollution are creating a near-impossible balance of problems. Locals have been established around the lake for centuries, for its rich supply of fresh water, but as farming increases farmers are invading on wildlife sanctuaries. As a result, locals are harming and even killing species that are invading their farms.

Non-indigenous species that is taking over Naivasha

In recent years, there has been an influx of introduced species to Naivasha (such that of the birds depicted above) and as a result native specifies are fighting with the new ones for resources and food, ultimately decreasing in population. Fishing is a huge industry in Lake Naivasha, but for the recent invasion of small fresh water shrimp and other carnivorous fish, the industry is struggling to maintain itself.

Boat safari

Tourism is one of the most valuable resources for those living in Naivasha. Without tourism, the lake would not be able to fund its wildlife protection programs and institution.

Lake Elementatia
The sea of pink


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