Homecoming Videos (2014-2016)

Over the last three years, I’ve had a blast making my school’s homecoming lip-dub videos. As a sophomore in 2014, I had the fun idea of filming my school’s fall sports teams and activities and making it into a music video for Taylor Swift’s song: “Shake it Off.” I managed to pull it off and it was a huge success in my community. When 2015 came along, there was high hopes that I would make a second video for the new year. I was stoked on the idea of making another, and by my senior year, the video was a highly anticipated showing. I recently posted the final video on my YouTube for 2016 to complete my three-part series (because quite frankly I won’t be in high school anymore after this year). Check out all three videos below:

2016, “Ride”

2015, “Can’t Feel My Face.”


2014, “Shake it Off.”


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